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Cause · I · built · you · a · home · in · my · heart,

With rotten wood, it decayed from the start.

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I hate doing this but, new LJ 
because passwords just aren't enough

t_kakes  gayyyyy
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evvvvverything sucks right now

-4 months ended saturday
-i'm dropping IB because i can't handle it
-and i havent really seen my mom in a week

that really seems like nothing
but there's so much more to it
i just dont feel like complaining
thats's all i do on this thing is complain

well that's all i really do period

after bitching the whole ride home about how i wanted to drop IB
my 6 year old sister decided to say " well YOU don't have to read a book when we get home"

she makes me want to throw a book at her

hahah after thinking about this
HW is the least of my worries

and i kept on complaining anyway!

How i feel:
discontent discontent
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How i feel:
happy happy
Music to my Ears:
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